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Do they smoke? (And what? How often?)
No. Lawyers need their awesome voices to be clear at all times.
Drink (alcohol)?
After a very weird incident in College after breaking up with Dahlia, (He ended up spooning in his boxers with a male roommate.) Phoenix swore off alcohol.
What kind of lawyer takes drugs? *Srsfais from Typist*
What genre of movie or books do they prefer?
A TOTAL theater nerd. His favorite comic is Daredevil.XD
What is their sexuality?
Straight but has a bromance with Edgeworth that could be something less platonic on Feenie's part. (Although he is so private about his relationships these days, he could be mistaken for Asexual.)
Do they like animals? (Or do animals like them?)
Yes. Although he doesn't keep any pets.